Total-Fitness Program

“Are you READY! for your Life & Fitness Overhaul?”

Phuket-FitnessGet ready for a kick-start with the new Total-Fitness Program…

Whether you’re unfit and want to get in good shape fast; OR, you’re already in good shape and want to get in peak physical condition:

This program will take you from where you are now, and shape your body into the new you…

You’ll be slimmer, leaner, faster, stronger, much more flexible and feeling like you can take on the world!

We provide everything for you here at Phuket Fitness; the training, the support, the nutrition, the guidance, the rejuvenation — everything you need to get in the best shape of your life!

So GET READY for YOUR Life & Fitness Overhaul!

From the very first day you start your program, expect to see and feel the difference: you’re feeling more awake, your body’s engaged, your brain’s switched on; after a few days you start to see a noticeable difference in the bathroom mirror, and by the end of your life & fitness overhaul — you’re a new person!

The reason this program gets such mind blowing results, is because it’s more than just a simple fitness package. You may have seen other “fitness retreats” giving away a package of classes, maybe even including a meal plan, too…

Yet what we’re doing here at Phuket Fitness, is very, very different…

This is a full body transformation program, which not only includes all your classes and nutrition, but also for example: rejuvenation (oil massages, revitalising drinks, etc), personalised guidance and support (the entire program is personalised specifically to you!)…

Every class, every one-on-one session, every bite of food you eat, is planned out in advance based on a number of your health factors, your personal preferences and specific goals.

Here’s how it works: your program starts with a one-on-one personal program orientation with one of our fitness and nutrition specialists. Together you plan out the program focusing specifically on what you want to get out of it.

So for example, if you’re completely out of shape, very unfit and want to increase strength and stamina, the program will be planned out for you to reach your goals.

While, for a different example, if you’re very stiff, don’t have anywhere near the flexibility you once did, then the program will be planned out to increase your flexibility as your primary goal.

The programs are designed in this way so each and every guest gets the benefits they want out of the program, instead of some kind of “one size fits all” solution.

Of course, regardless of what your main goal will be, you’ll experience many, many other benefits too!

Please remember of course, this is not a weight loss program, so if your primary goal is weight loss, please click here.

This is a full Life & Fitness Overhaul, so if you’re in need of a kick-start to either get in shape, or take your fitness to the next level — then this program was designed specifically for you.

Here’s an example of a weekly structure of a guests program:

✓ One 1-on-1 private session
✓ 7 Group Fitness classes
✓ 5 Yoga classes
✓ 3 TRX suspension classes
✓ 1 Zumba, 1 Pilates
✓ 5 Muay Thai kickboxing classes
✓ Access to Fitness Studio (7am – 10pm)
✓ 1 Healthy Cooking Class
✓ Health Food daily plan (3 meals, 2 snacks, 1 juice)
✓ 1 Thai or Oil Massage

REMEMBER: we have A LOT of classes and you are of course entitled to go to any and all of them, so the above is just an example of a guest wanting to improve overall strength, endurance and flexibility. You may choose to structure your program very differently, based on your goals, aspirations and your vision for your future.

To Get The Best Results: Don’t try to do every class because while it may seem admirable, it often leads to burnout resulting in you missing out on the full benefits of the program. Instead, be smart and plan a solid program with your assigned fitness coach and stick to it consistently to get the very best results from your program.

Here’s some of the included classes:

✓ 1-on-1 private training
✓ TRX training
✓ Pilates
✓ Circuit training
✓ Core strength
✓ Physical education
✓ Active stretching
✓ Boot camp
✓ Cross-style-Fit
✓ Kettlercise
✓ Weight training
✓ Yoga
✓ Muay Thai
✓ Zumba
✓ Much, much more!

We have more classes and training sessions than any other fitness camp, retreat, resort or centre in Phuket, and all of Thailand!

Your Health Food Dieting

“Pack a punch in the gym with super-nutrition power-foods…”

As I’m sure you already know, eating the right food is absolutely crucial for maximum power and optimal performance.

That’s why we serve only the highest quality, nutritionally-dense dishes, with the perfect amount of protein, carbs, good fats and packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

When you start eating our specially adapted fitness diet plan, you’ll feel the difference almost instantly.

Your body will have exactly what it needs to push hard in the gym and get results, AND — it will have exactly what it needs to recover, too!

Recovery is just as important (I’d say even more important) than having high-energy in the workouts. That’s why with our trademark diet plan, you get both. Almost super-human agility and performance in the gym with foods that pack a nutritional-punch! And adequate protein for recovery, alongside slow digesting, complex carbohydrates and the right amount of good fats (EFAs).

Guests are often shocked by how much more powerful they feel and how much better they perform. For many, they have never been on a real diet with the right amount of everything for optimum performance, so they have never experienced the thrill of being in full control and at full capacity.

This is what you’ll have to look forward to every morning, when you wake up and start your day with a super-nutrition power-breakfast. Ramping-up your metabolism and getting your juices pumping — ready to hit the gym and WIN!

After some crazy fun fitness sessions, it’s time to enjoy a delicious (and highly nutritious!) lunch as your post-workout and for many, replenishing energy stores for more fun and fitness in the afternoon. Don’t forget to grab a young coconut juice! It’s a natural electrolyte and will keep you pumped up and ready to go!

Finally, after pushing yourself hard and leaving everything on the mat, it’s time for another delicious meal, before retiring to your bungalow for a well deserved good night’s sleep.
[We can cater for Halal diets, Vegetarians, Vegans and most food allergies and intolerances]

When can I start?

The Phuket Fit Personalised Total Fitness Program™ is personalised to you specifically, so you can start the program on any date that is still available. The best thing to do right now, is to select a program length below and get in contact with us. We can help you.

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Detox + Total Fitness Package

“When was the last time you took your body to be serviced?”

anatomy of the Phuket Fitness & Detox cleanse programWe service our cars regularly, or at least we should if we don’t want it to break-down, or worse, conk out.

Yet, if you really think about it, we’ve been blesseour life & fitness overhaul %Ebillion dollar body”… and can you honestly say you’ve maintained it and kept it in perfect condition?

Imagine for a moment all the inner-workinrain’s switched on; af2C your liver, your colon, your intestines, everything all working together to keep you running (without breaking down!).

Now in the exact same way as your car breaks down and performs badly if not serviced and maintained…

Your body will break down and perform badly unless “serviced” and maintained.

Poor performance could come in the form of feeling tired throughout the day, it could be low motivation, bad concentration, mood-swings, foggy thinking or just generally feeling down in the dumps. Or, there could be more serious issues such as hormone imbalances, excess intestinal waste, residue and possibly, even mucous.

However it’s affecting you: you can and should re-set your mind & body so you can, 1). restore your body to proper function, 2). release stress and rejuvenate your mind, and 3). pave your way to much better results with your Total Fitness Program.

That’s why most of our guests choose the Detox + Total Fitness package, which begins with a 5 Day Cleanse to detoxify, rejuvenate and renew your mind & body, before the Total Fitness begins.

For the full information on what you’re going to experience on the Detox part of your Total Fitness package, click here.

Our guests are almost always shocked and surprised when they realise how much better they’re feeling after just the first few days of the detox. That’s because on day one and day two of your detoxification, your body is actively cleaning itself and flushing out waste, resulting in the uplifting euphoric feelings you’ll be experiencing, usually by day three.

You have the choice of going on the Raw Food Cleanse, the Juice Detox or the Full Fasting program. Almost all our guests choose the Raw Food detox program and it’s highly recommended that you do the same. This is because once your body has thoroughly flushed itself out, your freshly cleaned body combined with the raw food on the program will result in a MASSIVE energy surge! The difference can truly be amazing because your body is completed re-set, re-charged and re-energised; 100% READY to get the most out of your Total Fitness Experience!

Choose the length of your Detox + Total Fitness package…

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