Detox Retreat

“Get a fresh start with the Active Mind & Body Cleanse…”

Smoothie-PhuketFitIt’s time for a re-set, a re-charge; it’s time to forget about work, forget about commitments and daily stress — it’s time to forget about everything so
you can…

“Finally take time out for yourself and Get A Fresh Start!

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting way to rejuvenate your Mind & Body, while actively detoxing yourself into great shape (inside and out!)…

Then the new “Active Mind & Body Cleanse” is exactly what you need.

Pushing yourself too hard, for too long, has probably left you burned-out and in desperate need of a good healthy break.

That’s why we designed an all-new Detox Program, that…
“Effectively pushes your “re-set” button, re-charges your batteries and releases you back into the world feeling uplifted, rejuvenated and renewed.”

I don’t need to tell you how stressful modern day life can be, and that stress takes its toll.

Couple that with the pesticides in the foods we eat, too much sugar, too little time off and never really taking a real break from everyday life… and it’s no wonder we feel tired, stress-out and moody!

So if you feel ready to turn a new leaf, relax and rejuvenate, while renewing your mind and body — then read this page because this is for you.


Your Active Mind & Body Cleanse Begins

“Detoxing in Thailand has Never been so Fun & EXCITING!

Forget about boring “detox retreats” where you’re simply sitting around all day and paying for the privilege…

detoxing at Phuket Fit in ThailandAnd get READY for a full re-set program which takes you from a tired, low-energy state and RE-CHARGES you to full capacity!

We’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you, hands down, the best detox retreat in Thailand for re-setting, re-charging and re-energizing your life!

Whichever of our detox programs you choose, whether it’s our Raw Food Cleanse, our Juice Detox or our Full Fast, we guide you along your personal journey… to a healthier, happier and MUCH MORE energised new you!

Our detox consultants and certified Nurse, use a variety of medical equipment to pin-point exactly what condition your body is in now. Which is then used to personalise your program specifically to you!

Everything from your blood pressure, to your hydration level; internal, external — everything! It all goes into producing the perfect detox program optimised based on your health factors and specific goals.

“With our unique approach we’re certain — you will get more out of our “Active Mind & Body Cleanse” then any other detox in Phuket, or even in Thailand!”


Cleanses, Detoxifications & Body Flushes

“Time to flush out waste and restore your body to proper function…”

We provide holistic, natural methods to safely and thoroughly flush out intestinal waste and cleanse your body of toxins. Here’s a quick look at some of our cleanses;

Cleansing Drinks — based on one of the most effective herbs for weight control, Psyllium combined with other natural herbs cleanse and detoxify your digestive system from top to bottom. As these special herbs travel through your body, they effortlessly absorb toxins and clean the walls of your intestines, before cleansing your colon and exiting your body.

Wildcrafted Cleanses — specially formulated for our cleanse program, these hand selected, freshly dried and ground natural wildcrafted, organic herbal ingredients, provide almost “magical” health benefits for your body!

Dietary Supplements — these capsules are made from glutinous rice powder so there are zero chemicals. The reason they are so highly effective is because they’re strategically formulated and blended to become potent healers. Additionally, the proprietary Esogenics™ vibrational enhancement process works directly with the bodies bio-electrical system resulting in increased energy levels, health and wellbeing.

Young Coconut juices — as a completely natural juice, packed with electrolytes, young coconuts are used to revitalise and often lead to light euphoria when combined with the other cleansing processes. They’re also great for replenishing your body’s stores after a Yoga, Pilates or one of our many fitness class!

Vegetable broth — provides essential minerals to keep your body in a balanced state while cleansing. This is one of the reasons why our guests feel so good while on our detox, because you’re not starving your body. Instead, throughout the program your body receives everything it needs, whilst eliminating everything it doesn’t!

The Liver Cleanse — this specifically formulated 100% natural liver cleanse flushes out toxins from your liver and restores it to proper function. This is an essential part of the program and while it might not taste great, the best medicine never does!

Yoga and Fitness classes — these classes stimulate your circulation and lymphatic systems, helping your body to naturally release toxins. Gentle exercise is also a great way to relieve stress and release tension throughout your entire body. You have full access to all our classes!

The above are just some of the ways we cleanse your body, replenish your stores and restore you to optimal health.

What else is included in the Mind & Body Cleanse

massage as part of Phuket Fit detox

Daily traditional Oil Massage by one of our highly qualified masseuses. This is when you can just relax, and enjoy being pampered. The Thai massage supports your cleanse by releasing blocked energy channels quickly alleviating built up stress.

Daily Herbal Sauna and time to relax by a cool plunge pool. The Sauna cleanses your pores and helps to excrete toxins through your skin.

Daily Pro-biotic friendly bacteria, ensuring good bacteria is present throughout your intestine and colon which play’s a crucial role in properly digesting food and preventing dis-ease.

Meditation class is scheduled once per week. This class teaches you how to release stress and clear your Mind.

Yoga Breathwork class is also held once a week and will help you to focus on proper breathing techniques to restore balance.

Access to air conditioned gym, complete with fitness and cardiovascular machines, weights and full equipment.

Other included (optional) activities, Healthy cooking classes, wide variety of Fitness sessions, Yoga classes and Thai Boxing, Pilates, Nutritional education — all our classes included!


Detoxing In Paradise Phuket

“There truly isn’t a better location in all of Phuket…”

We’re located just minutes walk from Rawai beach, ten minutes walk from the quiet Ya Nui beach and about twenty minutes walk from the pristine white sands of Nai Harn beach.

It’s by far one of the best locations for your full mind & body detoxification in Thailand.

Many of our guests relax on the beach, soak up the sun whilst enjoying a fresh Coconut juice.

Others walk to clear their minds and to breathe the fresh air that sweeps in from the sea.

“It’s so relaxing… it’s so clean and pure… it’s such an ideal place to cleanse and start fresh.”

Located in the southern most tip of the island, our unique area is blessed with white sandy beaches and tropical landscape.

Being so close to landmarks like Big Buddha, Temples and Phi Phi island… makes it easy to explore and relax whilst your body naturally cleanses itself. We also have a free shuttle bus so you can simply hop on at designated times and go to local beaches and outings on the weekend!

Our retreat is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and Cleanse your Mind & Body.

The Benefits of the Detox Program

“Increase your energy, sex drive, immune system and much more…”

The main benefit of this program is it re-sets, re-charges and re-energises your life! But that’s just the beginning…

Get ready for some major benefits bestowed on your Mind, Body & Spirit when you choose this exciting journey for yourself. Get ready for a slimmer, leaner body; get ready for a clear, focused mindand get ready to look and feel AMAZING!

If you’ve been feeling tired or sluggish, lacking in motivation and uninspired… this program will give you a much needed kick-start wake-up-call!

If you’ve burned yourself out, working too hard and at all hours… this program will snap you back into a sharp and rejuvenated state!

If you’ve been moody, perhaps low or no libido… this program will ramp up your energy and perhaps put you back in the mood!

While we’re certainly not saying this program is some kind of “cure-all”, because it isn’t, we’re always pleasantly surprised when we hear all kinds of fantastic benefits our guests are receiving.

Here’s some of the scientific ones, but their are many more;
Increased energy; strengthened immune system; improved circulation; cleansed liver; increased sex drive; reduced stress; detoxified organs; improved digestion; regulated bowl movements; balanced hormones, healthy weight loss.

How much does the Cleanse cost?

“Finally — an affordable detox retreat in Thailand!”

When you factor in everything included in our Active Mind & Body Cleanse you can easily see we provide far more value than just about any other detox resort, retreat or centre in Thailand. And it doesn’t stop there…

I’m sure by now you’ve already noticed that detoxing isn’t cheap. And even though the prices are in some cases justified due to the high-expense of running the program, that wasn’t good enough for us.

So we decided to make it as affordable and as accessible for the average person as we possibly could.

That’s why our Cleanse is cheaper than any other real detox in Thailand. While still providing the same (if not A LOT more!) value for our guests…

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So go ahead — click the link above and tell us how long you’d like to detox at Phuket Fitness & Detox, we will then get right back to you with availabilities and prices.